Press release – MHC Capital rolls out new industry leading technological platform

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MHC Capital, one of the largest owner operator of manufactured housing communities in the nation, announces the launch of a new industry leading technological platform.

June 12th 8:35 Pacific

LOS ANGELES, Cal., June 12/PRNewswire/ — MHC Capital is pleased to announce the launch of our industry leading technological platform. “For the first time in the industry, our employees and stakeholders go to market with a fully integrated technology platform. The website acts as the portal to an array of tools to help current and prospective residents achieve their housing goals. The new platform has been integrated with a full inventory management system, it houses an artificial intelligent chat complex, it employs an automated home showing scheduler, it hosts the firm’s investor data room, it integrates the full suite of the resident services site, and it provides the central repository for all of the firm’s external communication.”  Said Steve Anderson partner at the firm.  “With this full integration, our employees, stakeholders, and current and prospective residents have full access and functionality to all systems on any type of device from anywhere at any time.” Mr. Anderson added.

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MHC Capital unveils its new Technological Platform

“It’s great to be able to share our great news with not only our own employees and stakeholders, but with current and prospective residents and investors as well. It’s been a great day for the MHC Capital family.”  Commented Kwame Granderson, Partner at the firm.

About MHC Capital

MHC Capital is a real estate investment firm focused on the manufactured housing space.  Currently MHC Capital is one of the largest owner operators of manufactured housing communities in the nation.  MHC Capital provides affordable housing to thousands of Americans.

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