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Our investors are people who care about making quality affordable housing available to others. They make it possible to build our communities. They make an incredible difference for people who need it. When you invest in MHC Capital, you’re supporting the dream of home ownership, a dream that, for many, is often difficult to achieve. Our mission is to make quality homes and communities attainable by offering a path to ownership that puts the customer first. Since 2011, MHC Capital has been seizing on the opportunities available within the manufactured housing industry to our investors’ and resident’s benefit. We’ve been able to deliver significant returns to those who share our vision, and we continue to expand our reach.

  • We have raised over $20 million of equity
  • We buy parks with 150-450 sites per park
  • We target 9-10% cap rates at purchase
  • We buy communities with 60-70% average occupancy at purchase
  • We target the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes states
  • Our cash-on-cash at purchase is 10% per annum or above
  • Our investors enjoy the potential for 20%+ IRR’s

How to Get Involved

Our investors have a unique opportunity to enjoy both significant returns on their investment and to help potential owners find their perfect family home in a community that serves them. Join us in helping good people realize the dream of homeownership.

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