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We believe quality affordable housing should be available to everyone, so we make it our business to provide it. Our partners have been raising and managing private investment capital for 30 years, with over $1 billion to our partners name in structured transactions and more than 300 renovation projects under our belt. Our leaders have a combined 50 years of experience in building strong relationships with investors, park owners and home-financing sources. For over ten years, our full service property management company, FTI, has been leasing and managing residential and commercial property in more than ten states.

Better Funding

We're in a position to be selective about the properties we buy, leading to better value and maximized potential for each community.

Superior Home Sourcing

We maintain strong relationships with our sources, which gives us the unique advantage of acquiring homes at a good value.

Excellent Renovation System

We do top-to-bottom renovation on the homes that come into our fold, ensuring that we appeal to and satisfy long-term residents.

Bringing Together the Right Communities

How do we consistently turn our vision of attainable quality housing into a reality? By combining decades of experience in both the private investment and housing industries with strong leadership and the desire to build communities. We help good people find good homes, and we do it at the best possible value for all involved. Get to know us and our story more.

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“We love the neighborhood, my boys and I will go on walks through the park, people will wave or say hi to each other even if they don't know each other.”

Lisa, Four Seasons Resident