SOLD Lot #547 – 3 bed 1 bath

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Come check out this recently renovated 3 bedroom home at a great price! With over 900 square feet, you and your family will have plenty of room for all kinds of activities. Set up your appointment online or over the phone and check out this home before it’s too late!


General Home Info:

  • Park and Site #: BRADY HILLS #547
  • Unit Address: 547 Marigold Ln, Slippery Rock, PA 16057
  • Site Rent: $265
  • Sales price: $15,500
  • RTO price: $300 PER MONTH –  52 MONTHS TERM
  • Year built: 1993
  • Make/Model: MANSION
  • Size: 14X70
  • Bedroom #: 3
  • Bathroom #: 1
Sale Price
547 Marigold Ln, Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Square Feet:

Living in Brady Hills

Our wonderful community atmosphere welcomes families. Slippery Rock itself is a vibrant small city with a big city feel. It's both a village and an urban playground, offering lots of cultural attractions, sports, music, outdoor recreation and a strong sense of history. This is an active, engaged community filled with people who feel like neighbors as soon as you meet them.

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“Great place to live! The community is peaceful.”

Richard Taylor, Brady Hills Resident