SOLD: Lot 115 – 3 bed 2 bath

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General Home Info:

  • Park and Site #: FRIENDLY VILLAGE
  • Unit Address: 1100 S MAIN Street, #115, ADRIAN, MI 49221
  • Site Rent: $395.00
  • Sales price: $19,800.00
  • RTO price: $300.00 PER MONTH –   66 MONTHS TERM
  • Year built: 1998
  • Make/Model: CLAYTON / NORRIS
  • Size 14X66
  • Bedroom #: 3
  • Bathroom #: 2
Sale Price
1100 S MAIN Street, #115, ADRIAN, MI 49221
Square Feet:

Living in Friendly Village

Friendly staff and their families share the community with you for quick access in emergency situations. As well as a huge 1700 sqft event hall with full kitchen available to residents for their parties and events.

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“The sense of community in this beautiful park is wonderful and the residents are friendly and happy.”

Sarah, Rustic Pines Resident